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these are some projects that I've worked on:

leven: a pretty simple tweening library to make small animations for python.
11Photo: a static site generator for making photo essays.
Svelte-emoji-picker: a simple "emoji picker" component for svelte.
Is my browser IE?: a website that answers the question, "is my browser Internet Explorer?".
Sun weather app: a progressive web app that tells you the weather, using the darksky api and jquery.
Pico-8 weather: a weather app in pico-8, a fantasy console that cannot connect to the internet easily.
Zekemagic.com: the online homepage of award winning melbourne based magician Zeke Butterworth. on which it is possible to contact him about performing at your event.
JMSS Murder: a fun real life battle royale style game, in which participants had to poke each other with plastic spoons. created & run at John Monash Science School in 2019.
Darcylf.me: the website that you are currently on. It was built using 11ty, pugjs & github pages.