Hi! I'm


An award-winning web designer and developer from Melbourne, Australia.
  • GitHub: https://github.com/ehne
  • Email: darcy (at) darcylf.me — Don't send me .zip files. (?)

Here are some of the things that I've made in the past. More work-in-progress projects can be found on my GitHub.

MathSender: a tool designed to help teachers ask maths questions to students during online learning. MathSender provides a way to send beautiful LaTeX based expressions in real time via a question and answer system. https://collective-fullstack.github.io/work/MathSender

ERDot: a python CLI script to create Entity Relationship Diagrams from JSON/YAML code. https://github.com/ehne/ERDot

PyNode Next: PyNode Next allows you to easily create beautiful graph visualisations and animations via a simple Python library. PyNode Next was created as a modern replacement for PyNode, a program used in the teaching of the Victorian Certificate of Education's Algorithmics subject at John Monash Science School. https://github.com/ehne/PyNode-Next

Shareify: a web app that democratizes music in public places. Allowing people to vote on the songs to be played from a Spotify account. https://github.com/Collective-Fullstack/communalspotify

JMSS time updated: an update to the jmss timetable site, it now supports the new timetable introduced in 2020, as well as letting users set custom images to use as the background. https://jmss-time.github.io/time-updated/

yOS: a web OS for small programming experiments that don't warrant a full website. https://yos.vercel.app

Microtext: a library of small (and probably inefficient) utility functions for messing with text. https://github.com/ehne/microtext

StacksUI: a UI layout library for the web that uses the paradigm of stacks. Inspired by SwiftUI. https://darcylf.me/StacksUI

Leven: a simple tweening library to make small animations for python. https://darcylf.me/leven

Is my browser IE?: a website that answers the question, "is my browser Internet Explorer?". https://darcylf.me/isIE

JMSS Murder: a fun real life battle royale style game, in which participants had to poke each other with plastic spoons. Created & run at John Monash Science School in 2019. https://collective-fullstack.github.io/work/JMSS-Murder

darcylf.me: the website that you are currently on. It was built using nextjs, react & github pages. https://darcylf.me

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