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A web designer and developer from Melbourne, Australia.
  • GitHub: https://github.com/ehne
  • Email: darcy (at) darcylf.me — Don't send me .zip files. (?)

Here are some of the things that I've made in the past. More completed projects can be found on the Collective Fullstack website. And work-in-progress projects can be found on my GitHub.

A full folio of work is available on request, send me an email.

Shareify: a web app that democratizes music in public places. Allowing people to vote on the songs to be played from a Spotify account. Read More →

JMSS Time Updated: an update to the John Monash Science School timetable site, it now supports the new timetable introduced in 2020, as well as letting users set custom images to use as the background. Read More →

Collective Fullstack website: a website for Collective Fullstack, the name that me and one of my friends work under. It was built with Next.JS and is statically generated from markdown files. https://github.com/Collective-Fullstack/collective-fullstack.github.io

MathSender: a tool designed to help teachers ask maths questions to students during online learning. MathSender provides a way to send beautiful LaTeX based expressions in real time via a question and answer system. https://collective-fullstack.github.io/work/MathSender

ERDot: a python CLI script to create Entity Relationship Diagrams from JSON/YAML code. https://github.com/ehne/ERDot

PyNode Next: PyNode Next allows you to easily create beautiful graph visualisations and animations via a simple Python library. PyNode Next was created as a modern replacement for PyNode, a program used in the teaching of the Victorian Certificate of Education's Algorithmics subject at John Monash Science School. https://github.com/ehne/PyNode-Next

yOS: a web OS for small programming experiments that don't warrant a full website. https://yos.vercel.app

Microtext: a library of small (and probably inefficient) utility functions for messing with text. https://github.com/ehne/microtext

StacksUI: a UI layout library for the web that uses the paradigm of stacks. Inspired by SwiftUI. https://darcylf.me/StacksUI

JMSS Murder: a fun real life battle royale style game, in which participants had to poke each other with plastic spoons. Created & run at John Monash Science School in 2019. https://collective-fullstack.github.io/work/JMSS-Murder

darcylf.me: the website that you are currently on. It was built using nextjs, react & github pages. https://darcylf.me

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a web app that democratizes music in public places. Allowing people to vote on the songs to be played from a Spotify account.

Shareify was made to try and solve the problem of having loads of people trying to pick songs to play at a party. The usual solution is just to give everyone access to one person's phone and to add songs to that phone's queue. However, we at Collective Fullstack felt that this was a rather simplistic solution that would result in less songs that everyone liked being played.

Shareify democratises music by letting everyone add songs to a queue that can then be voted on. With the most voted song being played next. This results in a much fairer music selection process, as everyone is able to contribute and control what songs get played.

We accomplished this by using WebSockets to create a "room" that everyone could connect to via the room code provided in the corner of the app. This room would contain one centralised queue that everyone could add songs to and vote on in real time. The user interface was designed and developed in Preact, a reactive web framework.